Shani | शनि | Shani Saves A Crow | शनि बने रक्षक

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 9 जून, 2021
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Chaya tells Shani that all his questions will be answered with time and gives him a stone that could help him drive away his loneliness. Meanwhile, when a hungry demon sent over by Vishwakarma tries to eat a crow, Shani responds to the crow's cry for help and warns the demon to stay away from him. A fierce duel follows between Shani and the demon as the former tries to stop the demon from wrecking havoc. Will Shani defeat the evil?

Amongst the millions of deities worshiped in India, there is one who is most feared. One who strikes a merciless balance between good and evil and makes us realise the cycle of Karma. This is the story of the most revered planet of the zodiac and the Lord of Justice, Shani. What gives Shani his powers and makes his vengeance so potent? Find out with this mythological TV series that's sure to be an audience favourite.

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