Uttaran | उतरन | Will Damini Reveal The Truth To Divya? | क्या दामिनी दिव्या को सचाई बताएगी?

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 9 जून, 2021
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Damini convinces Ichha not to accompany her. Damini meets Jogi Thakur. Damini tries telling Divya that she has a daughter. Ichha is waiting for Damini to come home.

Uttaran is a story of two friends hailing from drastically different backgrounds. Tapasya is the spoilt daughter of a wealthy man, while Ichcha, her best friend is the maid's daughter. While society cannot separate the two, love, does just that. Veer, whose marriage proposal was initially rejected by Tapasya, falls in love Ichcha, and that is something Tapasya just can't bear. The series takes an interesting turn when a spiteful Tapasya marries Veer and the once best friends are locked in a love triangle, with the helpless Veer stuck in the middle. The show spanning thousands of episodes, eventually goes on to follow the lives of their children.

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  • Damini and ichcha is my all time favorite mother and daughter combo

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